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  • 20131202
     Global announcement:
    The Allen West avatar is only the default. Feel free to change it to a personal avatar.Something YOU want or just keep the default. Up 2 U

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  • 20131026
    you can change the title color by using the arrow to the right of the title. If you use none use implicit the title will automatically change to white.You won't be able to see it until your post is submitted with the send button. You can use blue,red,yellow etc in the title and you won't have this problem.
    Also,click the share button and be sure to share your posts with your other social media.Thanks.It's a good way to get the word around.

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  • 20131231
    We know the Dems have crowned Hillary.She won't have any competition.Anyone else feel like the Republicans have 2 scenarios getting ready to be played out?
    1. Gov Christie gets crowned-like Hillary
    2. food fight

    So how do you think this plays out? Is West waiting too long to drop a hint or do you think he's smart to wait if he plans to run at all?
    How do we get ppl to even consider him? Seems like we're all laying low.

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  • 20131216
    Allen West & Tim Scott
    Hey we need more folks here and volunteers for states.Can you help us spread the word and get this army rolling?

    Decided to edit and add a few to the West/Scott Dream Team.
    Trey Gowdy SC-> Attorney General
    Dr Ben Carson->HHS
    Gov Mitt Romney(who whould have won  if Obama were not a liar and fraud)->Sec of State
    Greta Van Sustren->Press Sec

    Whadya think? Evil or Very Mad

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  • 20131208
    It's gonna be a tough year. Simply put, we need to do both.

    This is a similar problem that Fred Thompson had in his aborted '08 run. It just seemed like, having served six years in the Senate, he no longer had the "fire in the belly" to get back into national politics.

    Christie is getting the MSM coverage because the liberals know he can't be elected. But he'll "hog" the spotlight as long as it lasts, and split support with conservative candidate possibles.

    So far, from what I've seen of Col. West in TV interviews, he's in the critique mode. He hasn't ruled out...

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  • 20131208
    Should we focus on 2014 first and then go for broke for West right after the Congressional elections? OR should we at least start to get ppl on board with West now?I'm afraid if we don't people like Gov Chris Christie will keep stealing the thunder.
    This is a fight for freedom-unlike any election we have seen in years.

    The GO WEST Journal Horse_10

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  • 20131201
    The GO WEST Journal West10

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  • 20131201
    very impressed with this HP refurbished machine. Arrived today and now i don't have to share our one computer.Translates;more time available. Finally catching up here(as well as a number of blogs). if i missed welcoming anyone i owe ya an apology and a welcome aboard.Thanks for joining.Hope everyone caught Lt Col West on Greta the other night.Awesome as usual.
    Couple things i hope we can do. First and foremost of course is invite friends here.The more the merrier.Two;Spread the word about Allen West. 3. When we get rolling here a tad more we can put our heads together and work on strategy....

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  • 20131124
    a picture is worth a 1k words!
    The GO WEST Journal Pledge10

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  • 20131120
    The GO WEST Journal Conser10

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  • 20131115
    The GO WEST Journal Convic10
    Obama should be impeached. What will it take?At least Col West is not afraid to say it. More than i can say for other politicians.

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  • 20131111
    The GO WEST Journal Truth_10
    be sure to vote for Allen West in Townhall's 2016 Pres Straw Poll

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  • 20131111
    Tell me this man wouldn’t protect and defend the Constitution of the United States which is in the oath you take when sworn in as President of the United States.

    “My commander was Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. He said, ‘I’m going to make sure that you come home to your wife and your newborn baby,’” Delgado recalls.

    “Before we went into Iraq,” Delgado says, “he gave me his body armor.” And it was that body armor, he explains, that ended up saving his life.

    Delgado says he was shot one night by an AK-47 wielding combatant firing from a passing...

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  • 20131109
    The GO WEST Journal Allen_10

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  • 20131107
    Rep. Allen West "We welcome the beliefs of others in America, but our coexistence must be based on a simple premise: when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide. And American cultural values shall never be subjugated to any other as long as I have air in my lungs.”

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  • 20131104
    he gave this terrific response to Obama the other night on his Fox show and then sent it in his newsletter to subscribers.Will share here.It's worth reading.
    Dear Friends,

    It’s no secret that I have major policy differences with President Obama on about everything---I believe in American exceptionalism, standing strong with Israel, lower taxes, de-centralization of government from the federal to the local level, the sanctity of every human life, less regulation, taxation, and litigation, and on and on…but President Obama can’t be blamed for an economy that is killing the...

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  • 20131031
    if Obama lied-and we know he did-that is an impeachable offense.
    We need a President with courage,integrity and leadership.That's Allen West.
    Pls join me in supporting Allen West for 2016. Let's Draft West.Raise Donations and fight like hell for this man!

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  • 20131026
    Unlike the health care website this one's awesome. Be sure to go there and give your support to our future President. We have a long ways to go-it begins NOW.

    I know there are other people in the Republican field that are starting to make names for themselves. While I admire several of these people and some more than others NONE have the background of Cl West. NONE. I would hate to see the Republicans...

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  • 20131025
    The GO WEST Journal 758fb710

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  • 20131025
    Will try to keep the journal updated with the appearances and events of Allen West.Check back with the journal on a weekly basis.\Shocked

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