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Why I have decided to back Allen West

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Why I have decided to back Allen West Empty Why I have decided to back Allen West

Post by bp60 on Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:10 am

At first i had the inclination that Mitt Romney MIGHT run again but i honestly don't see that happening now.
I feel he was cheated in the last election as he was  done in by many forces.Of course those same forces are still out there and will be going after the next nominee.Although I'm not sure they'll be as corrupt as the Admin we currently have.
Now that i've ruled out a 2nd Romney run(shameful he lost the first one)I couldn't find a candidate with Col West's background.It really is remarkable. He has 3 characteristics i admire in a person,especially a candidate for the highest office.
Integrity,Courage and Leadership.None of which our current Potus has. I'd hate to see the Rep party make the same mistake the Dems made;that is, supporting a person based on cult of personality.This is NOT the way we choose a person for the highest office in the United States. Allen is also pro life. He is a tea party favorite & supports conservative principles. He has the added advantage of being nowhere's near Washington DC at this point. That is a plus, believe me!!
He has served our country in several capacities.He is also very able to articulate the conservative message in a way that ppl can relate to.
He understands the enormous problems facing our country.If you don't know what the problems are you can't come up with the solutions.I feel Col West is just the person to tackle them. I know of several terrific people out there who might run but I've narrowed it down to Allen West based on his background.None compares.
BTW.Perhaps Romney wasn't the best nominee but he is a good and decent man and deserved more support than he got.

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