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The primaries are important...

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The primaries are important... Empty The primaries are important...

Post by marv1 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:48 am

Voters usually ignore the primary elections, and wait for the "important" general election.

That's a BIG mistake. The choices on the general election ballot are determined by who wins the primary. It's our duty/job to work to get the right candidate for an office onto to general election ballot.

Some things I look for in candidates in the primaries are TEA Party endorsement, specific issues that I'm interested in, experience and electability.

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The primaries are important... Allen-west

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The primaries are important... Empty Re: The primaries are important...

Post by bp60 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:33 pm

True that Marv.You're making some great points on the forum. thank you! We've got to get people out to vote. I'd like to think because of the outrage over Obamacare people will be out to vote in spades. You're right-and i don't think we can take it for granted people will vote. The one issue i look at right off is pro life. Adamantly pro life. Then i investigate the rest of issues. At least we look. Some people don't do the homework to make a good decision(is that obvious after Obama got elected the 2nd time let alone the 1st). Allen West has such an incredible background and electability. Right up there!!! There's a few minuses in that area but he will get large groups in certain demographics,particularly the military. Hillary won't.

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