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Impeachment,DEMAND IT

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Impeachment,DEMAND IT Empty Impeachment,DEMAND IT

Post by bp60 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:38 pm

The Republicans think the trick will be to get the house and senate.All for that.but if they think that will stop Obama they are underestimating him. He'll go right around Congress like he's always done whether they're in the majority or not. Of course,we have to get the Dems out to have some brakes put on Mr Obama but the only way to REALLY stop him is to get impeachment started. The only way you're going to get anyone up there to do the I word is by flooding them w/ calls and DEMANDING it.Also,what happened with the IRS scandal? it needs abolished once Obama is held accountable for unlawful practices. He makes Nixon look like a school boy.

Impeachment,DEMAND IT Gk10

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