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Too early?

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Too early? Empty Too early?

Post by bp60 on Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:31 pm

I saw Gov Huckabee on Fox saying he would CONSIDER running in 2016 but he added a caveat.It was too early and the elections are TWO years away.Does he have a point? Are we jumping on the bandwagon a little too early?
That aside,we need to make sure we get the Dems out of Congress in 2014.Regardless of who runs or doesn't run in 2016 this has to be a top priority.If we can't win that then the 2016 race isn't going to matter a whole lot.In fact if we don't get GOP control in 2014 it's not a good sign.
Like to hear your thoughts. Or maybe the Gov is wrong.Maybe we do need to get a 2 yr head start on the pres race.
Anyone else vote for Gov Huckabee back when? I voted for him in the primary over the  RNC coronation of McCain-then McCain in the general. I voted Herman Cain in the following primary-and Romney in the general. The motto was ABO.
I still like the Governor.Three people i would actually vote for are West-goes without saying. Huckabee. And believe it or not Romney.Why? He should have won this time.Obama won by fraud,deceit and outright lying.No,Mitt was not that bad a choice.
Now the RNC is trying to crown Chris Christie.Now there IS a really bad choice.I will not vote for him.PERIOD.This time around the motto is ABC.He stabbed Romney in the back and helped us get stuck with Obama.IMHO he planned that to set himself up after O's term.Sounds nutz? Think about it for a min.

Too early? Gk10

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